Keep Your Car Running Well, Mile After Mile

Take your car to us for maintenance on a 60,000-mile schedule in Suwanee, GA

Your car needs maintenance at regular intervals to perform at its best. Your car will benefit from maintenance services on a 60,000-mile schedule and with additional service at 100,000 miles.

When your car approaches 60,000 or 100,000 miles, visit Gateway Automotive in Suwanee, GA for standard maintenance services. If it’s time for maintenance, call 770-945-2138 right away.

Don’t skip scheduled maintenance

Getting your car checked out once it hits 60,000 miles is more important than you might realize. Your car might seem as if it’s functioning the same as it was just after 50,000 miles, but your parts might’ve worn down during that interval.

It’s important to follow your 60,000-mile schedule and 100,000-mile schedule for routine maintenance because:

  • Regular examination will detect problems before they become serious
  • Keeping up with maintenance will keep your car’s value high
  • Following comprehensive dealer maintenance guidelines will keep your car safe to drive

Remember to take your car to us on a 60,000-mile schedule and a 100,000 mile-schedule. We’ll provide service that’s completely comprehensive. Dealer maintenance recommendations will guide our team as we take care of your car, so you’ll know for sure that your car is up to factory standards. We’ll keep your car in great condition, mile after mile.